LG Inverter Split Systems


LG Inverter Split Systems for Heating and Air Conditioning

For improved air quality as well as efficient heating and cooling, LG inverter split systems are the way to go. They have features that pay attention to the air that household members breathe along with the air temperature, which makes them split system air conditioners that provide multiple benefits.

Air Quality Features for an LG Reverse Cycle Split System

Just one of the air quality features on an LG is the “Plasmaster Ioniser Plus,” which generates millions of plasma ions to filter the air both inside and outside of the unit. These ions work by surrounding harmful air substances such as bacteria and viruses, and then transforming them through a chemical reaction into H2O molecules, which sterilises the air. This is a huge plus for those with allergies, asthma, or difficulty breathing.

Another feature for air quality is auto cleaning. The unit minimises mould and bacteria formation on the heat exchanger by drying out the interior of the unit after every use. The generation of ions also helps keep bacteria and germs at bay.

Finally, the Micro Dust Filter captures dust and microscopic particles by using an electrostatic charge. This keeps allergens such as pollen under control, too.

Other Features of the LG Reverse Cycle Split System

In addition to the many features that improve a home’s air quality, the LG models also offer a quiet mode that can reduce the outdoor unit’s noise by up to three decibels, and decreases the indoor unit’s noise, as well. Plus, when not in use, the unit will automatically switch to standby mode in order to save energy.

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