3 Most Common Roots of AC Problems

Uncovering the Causes of Most Air Conditioning Problems

Refrigerant leaks, banging sounds, units not working at all – these are only a few of the air conditioning problems homeowners face. Apart from the nuisance, constant issues with your AC may lead to costly repairs, or worse, unit replacement. Avoid incurring unnecessary expenses by understanding the main sources of AC problems.

Improper Installation

Getting a reputable brand is a good way of ensuring the longevity and usefulness of an AC unit. Incorrect installation, however, can ruin even the best model’s quality. This may lead to malfunctions such as leaks, low airflow and undercharged refrigerants even after only a few months of your purchase.

Most AC manufacturers require specific installation instructions. Just one bypassed step can jeopardise the unit’s performance. It is important to look for authorised installation companies while you choose your AC brand to ensure the proper setup of your unit.

Lack of Maintenance

AC units need cleaning from time to time. Accumulated dust, grime and dirt may clog the filters and components, causing leaks, overheating, rust build-up, etc. Season changes may affect its condition as well. Ignoring your AC’s regular maintenance may lead to poorer performance, high electricity bills, and further problems with your air conditioner.

You may also need to call for periodic servicing so all parts receive necessary care and maintenance. Not only will this ensure a properly working unit, but it will save you from costly repairs as well.

Problems in Electric Components

Like most electric appliances, most of the components of an air conditioner are subject to wear and tear over time. Over-usage of the equipment may also lead to faster deterioration of its parts. Corroded wires and gears contribute to the system’s overheating, and may even lead to your unit’s early deterioration.

Regulating your AC usage can help prolong its components’ capacity. Your AC technician can identify problematic parts as well. Some pieces might need replacement, but this is better than replacing your whole unit.

Avoid AC malfunction by getting to the root of the problem. Our experienced team can help you with professional air conditioner installation and maintenance. Contact us and learn more about our services.