4 Common Air Conditioning Health Myths

Considering how easy it is to look things up online these days, there are still some surprising air conditioning myths that are relatively widespread. Some have to do with energy efficiency, while others are about proper usage, but the most popular seem to be on the topic of health.

Generally, air conditioning systems are great for your family’s health and comfort, but this doesn’t stop popular misconceptions from circulating.

1. They cause colds – As medical practitioners today will tell you, people don’t get sick from temperatures, they get sick from viruses. While getting sick from a cold climate is still a widespread belief among many people, you can be sure that your chances of catching a cold won’t actually increase in an air conditioned home.

2. They cause arthritis – This myth probably originated from how excessively cold temperatures seem to make arthritis symptoms worse. While they aggravate an existing condition, they certainly do not cause it. Just make sure to set the temperature to a comfortable level, and there won’t be any problems.

3. They make sleeping difficult – Some people report that they have trouble falling asleep when the air conditioner is on, but the vast majority of people actually sleeps easier thanks to the increased comfort of their bedroom. Chances are, the only way an AC will interfere with sleep is if the temperature is at the wrong level, or the system makes too much noise – something we can help with.

4. They spread airborne contaminants – The last myth is that air conditioners make indoor air quality worse by spreading harmful contaminants. Nothing could be further from the truth, as they actually prevent allergens and other particles from circulating. Unless your air conditioner is incredibly old and poorly maintained, it will actually help keep your air quality good.

Of course, air conditioners can only do their job well if you keep them in top condition. If you have an outdated model, or your current system is in need of servicing, we are more than happy to help. Just give us a call, and let’s discuss your options.