5 Common Issues of Ducted Air Conditioning Units

Ducted air conditioning is a convenient heating and cooling system that helps you achieve the right temperature on your property. One of their main components is the air ducts. These components distribute cool and warm air to the outlets installed in each room via ductwork.

Without a properly designed ductwork, ducted units would be unable to bring your home or office to a comfortable temperature.

Here are five common issues facing ducted air conditioning systems:

Air Loss

If the connections in the ductwork are not correctly aligned, they become loose, which allows warm or cool air to escape. Not only can this cause air loss, but it can also bring harmful gases from the outdoors into the air conditioning system. If you notice uneven room temperatures and unusually high energy bills, your ducted unit may have an air loss problem.

Dirty Ducts

If there are gaps in the air ducts, impurities such as dust, cobwebs and pollen can be sucked in the ducts. These impurities can negatively affect indoor air quality, which may lead to eye or nasal allergies. To remedy this issue, consider contacting professional air duct cleaners to make sure your air ducts are free from impurities.

Restricted Flow

When air does not flow efficiently through the air ducts, there may be something lodged in the ducts blocking air from flowing through it. Crushed, torn or twisted air ducts can also restrict air flow.  These issues force the air condition system to work harder, which results in increased energy bills, constant breakdown and reduced lifespan of your air conditioner.

Inefficient Air Insulation

During summer, cool air in the ducts absorbs heat from the environment as it moves to the intended destination. In contrast, heated air distributed through the ducts during winter can lose energy to cold environments if there is poor insulation. To make air insulation more efficient, contacting a professional air conditioning technician helps you ensure your air ducts work well. Also, cleaning your air ducts helps increase efficiency.

Poor Ductwork Design 

Poor design of a ducted air conditioning system leads to massive inefficiencies. A ducted system that is too large for a small home or office building leads to significant energy losses. On the other hand, a small ducted system will be forced to work much harder to distribute air and control room temperatures. Contacting an air conditioning technician ensures you get the right design that complements your property.

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