AC FAQs: What you Need to Know About Split Systems

People who are planning to install an air conditioning system have many questions. This is natural because we often want to get the best value out of our money. Furthermore, we want to ensure that our homes, schools, or offices where we’ll install the AC will be comfortable no matter what weather it is.

One major concern is about split systems. That’s why we compiled a short list of questions and answers. You can use this as reference right before deciding if the split systems are right for your home, office, or school.

How do split systems work?

A split system has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit initiates the cooling process while the indoor unit has the evaporator and fan.

Are they cost-effective?

First, split systems don’t require extensive installation costs. Upfront, you will save money.

Second, the flow of air is much more efficient and straightforward. There’s a lower chance of losing energy in the process. This means you save on electrical costs while ensuring steady temperatures inside the room. This is the long-term benefit.

Where is it ideal to install split type air conditioners?

There are many advantages in choosing split system air conditioners. That’s why many people now prefer split systems in their homes, commercial buildings, schools, and learning centres.

Is there a catch?

It seems the split systems are the answer to all your problems. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?

Of course, there are a few disadvantages. First is that you’ll need to hire a professional to perform this (actually, this can be an advantage because you know your split system is installed properly).

Second, split systems may not be ideal for multi-storey apartments. You have to consider a few things before installing one.

That’s why it’s ideal to ask the professionals for some help. They already have the experience and they’ll know what to do once you tell them your concerns.

If you have any questions if a split system is the right one for your place, you can call us now at 02 9708 5889. We’ll answer any questions you might have related to air conditioning.