Advantages and Disadvantages of Split Systems Air Conditioning

One of the most popular ways to cool your home in the searing summer and thaw frozen bodies in the winter is with a split system air conditioner.

Let’s take a look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Split Systems Air Conditioning technology:



Unlike a window air conditioner, you can install a split system almost anywhere, and split system installation does not require large holes in the wall or expensive ducts. Plus, the outdoor compressor unit can be located quite a long way from the unit itself, and is easy to maintain and keep clean.


Modern split system air conditioners are sleek and attractive and are usually located high on a wall, blending in nicely with other contemporary décor.


People switching from a window air conditioner will notice that a split system is a lot quieter. That’s because the exterior condenser for a split system air conditioner is located separately to the air-blowing unit that is actually inside your house.

Energy efficient

Central or window air conditioners are prone to cool or hot air ‘leaking’ out of a room because of opened doors or drafts, while the heating and cooling of a split system is renowned for its efficiency and evenness of hot and cool air when using the thermostat properly. The long-term running costs of a split system are also lower than traditional air conditioning.



No doubt about it, window air conditioners are a lot cheaper not only to buy, and split systems will normally need to be installed both inside and outside of the house by a professional.


Because installation will normally need to be done by a professional, for instance to satisfy warranty conditions, you could face a wait for a licensed installer to be available.


Split systems may not be appropriate for multi-storey apartments because of the two-part system and the fact that the tubing connecting them can only be a certain length.


While usually whisper-quiet on the inside, the exterior compressor of a split system air conditioner can be quite noisy, so you’ll have to think about the neighbours when looking for a suitable location.

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