The Advantages of Split System Air Conditioners

It seems it’s always Japan that introduces the first innovations before the rest of the world catches on. This is the case with split system air conditioners. The split system was first used in Japan, but has since become ubiquitous around the world. It’s a popular design where the condenser and the cooling unit are separate, therefore the name, “split” system. Here’s why this popular air conditioning unit has caught on and spread so far.

Easy to Install

The entire set up to install a split system is relatively easy. Because the condenser and cooling system can be separated by up to 30 meters, making it easy to modify it for any room in the home. The condenser can even be installed on the roof if required. The cooling unit sits out of the way on the wall with only a small aperture needed for the wires and tubing.

Possible Climate Control

The newest models of split systems offer dual climate control for the summer and winter. This an extremely convenient option to combine the heating and cooling needs of a home in one unit. When properly maintained and cleaned, it can pump out enough heat to keep it comfortable in the winter and enough cold to keep it cool in the summer.

Easy Controls

The split system air conditioning is incredibly easy to operate. Many new systems also have sensors that keep the control in the system itself. It detects the outside temperature and activates or de-activates when needed. Timers can also help the home be cooled or heated in time for when the owners return home from being out all day.

Economical and Affordable

The main reason that it has spread over the world is due to the precise nature of the cooling and heating. It can be contained to a specific room and not needlessly cool other rooms. The singular split system can keep the costs down by only affecting the rooms where people need them to be.  Energy efficient systems also help reduce the wastage a larger unit would produce to cool a home.

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