Avoid Allergies this Season with Air Conditioning Maintenance

The lead up to summer inevitably brings the season’s sneezing and sniffles. Yes, it’s the spring season that most of the allergy-afflicted hate the most. Being outdoors for any part of the day can trigger nasty nose niggles and itching eyes. The only reprieve is to stay indoors. But what if that doesn’t work?

If the home doesn’t have an adequate filtering system in the air conditioning, then that pollen and plant material can be brought inside to work the same damage as outside. In essence, there is no safety or security from the symptoms of allergy season. That is, unless, the air conditioner is properly maintained to keep the air pure.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner

The home is meant to be a safe place, free from dust mites and pollen that can so easily trigger an outbreak. The air conditioner’s filtration system is designed to keep those allergens on the outside while still drawing in air to cool the home.

Cleaning the AC unit before this season starts is crucial to avoid this allergy sufferance inside. An air conditioner’s filter can be rinsed off from the build-up that it accumulates over time. It’s designed to provide an effective barrier against all sorts of pollutants in the air. It can only do this job if it’s kept clean by a professional maintenance service.

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

For a complete clean, more than just the filter needs to be cleaned. To achieve the best indoor air quality in Sydney, a full professional clean is required. The service includes basic air conditioning maintenance and cleaning of all the major components. The air filter is checked, cleaned or replaced if needed. The ducts also need cleaning from the dust that builds up. The motor and inlet pipes are checked for debris and all the condenser and split system parts are checked as well.

Along with keeping the home free from those spring-time sniffles, it also puts money back into the pocket of the home owner. A cleaner air conditioner runs smoothly and more efficiently, not using u extra cost to push through clogged pipes and tubing.

If your home could do with a regular maintenance check up to the air conditioning unit, call Conduct Air Conditioning. They offer more than just exceptional air conditioner checks. They install, repair, and offer free call-outs to all your AC needs.

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