Bad Weather and Your AC: Prep Before It Hits

Those living in Sydney are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. While we may consider ourselves experts in prepping our properties before a storm hits—trimming tree branches, cleaning debris from gutters, and installing window shutters—we tend to forget about our AC units

AC units are usually built to withstand a huge amount of force from the rain, wind, cold and heat, but there are special precautionary measures you should do to preserve your unit.

With this guide, you can prep your AC unit and make your repair technician give the “all clear” when the storm finishes:

Turn Off Your Air Conditioning System

Turn off all the heating and cooling units before a storm hit. Power surges are common during bad weather, and it can cause damage to your system. Unless you are in need of heat or are caught in a blizzard, turn off your system via your thermostat. Shut down your circuit breaker, too, to ensure it is totally off. Doing this will prevent HVAC and property damage.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

First things first—there’s no need to cover your air conditioner when it is simply raining outside. Covering it up can actually hurt the interior mechanisms. For instance, the cover provides a safe and dry place for rodents; they may then chew through the wires, causing short circuits or killing the entire machine.

During severe weather, on the other hand, you need to cover your unit, as strong winds can blow debris into your AC. Make sure, though, to remove the cover once the storm clears.

Remove Loose Yard Furniture

Loose furniture and other stuff in your yard, such as grills, patio furniture and toys can cause damage to your home—including your outdoor HVAC unit. Remove them from your yard before the storm hits and store them in a safe place so they don’t get thrown around. This will prevent you from losing a huge amount of money in damages later on.

You are probably praying that storms do not hit you in Sydney, but you need to prepare if you want to prevent any major damage or other issues that may come with it. Make sure you have a high quality AC unit installed by us. And if by any chance the storm hits you hard, our experts here at Conduct Air Conditioning have got you covered with our repair services.