Breathe Easy: Air Conditioning Improves Your Health

It can be hard to get through the hot summer months without an air conditioner. You’re probably considering having air conditioning installed purely for your comfort when the temperature soars. What if you found that that having air conditioning improves your health? Did you know that indoor air pollution is considered one of the top five risks to public health? Air conditioning can help you minimise the issue and protect your health when you’re at home.

One of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioner is protecting your health is to practice proper care and maintenance of your system. That includes regular air conditioning service inspections by a trained professional who can recognise and identify potential problems that need repair. You’ll also want to be sure to get your unit serviced as soon as you detect a problem. Regular cleaning, filter replacement and checking the unit regularly to look for worn out parts or broken pieces are other steps you can take to get the most out of your air conditioning. Here are the benefits when you do:

Increases Respiratory Health

Many of the latest air conditioning systems now filter and purify the air in your home so you can breathe easier anytime it’s on. When you flip the switch, the air conditioning unit helps remove pollution, irritants and allergens from the air, which is great if you suffer from allergies or sensitivity to environmental toxins.

It can remove bad odours and fumes

When you feel a bad smell in your room, it is an indicator that there is something wrong and it can’t be good for your health. Some causes may include chemicals that are not properly stored, fumes or stale air. When you have an efficient air conditioning system, you can get rid of all these bad odours and improve the quality of the air.

Maintains Temperature and Humidity

Finally, having air conditioning protects your body from swinging between temperature extremes. It’s not good for the body to exist in really hot or really cold environments for too long. This can alter calorie burning efficiency on one end and lead to dehydration and heatstroke on the other. Additionally, an air conditioner can keep humidity consistent. Air that is too humid encourages the growth of bacteria that can lead to breathing issues and other health problems. When the humidity gets too low, the air gets dry, which can cause skin problems and sinus issues.

Ready to protect your health and have air conditioning installed in your home? Call today for Ducted air conditioning prices and get started making an air conditioning unit work for you.