Budgeting the Cost of Split Type ACs

Price Drafting: How Much Would Multi-Split System Air Conditioners Cost?

Building a house can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to the financial aspect. The average price of quality house is about a hundred thousand dollars. This, however, does not yet include the furnishings and appliances that homeowners would want, such as air conditioning units.

With the current situation of the climate, many homeowners find it practical to install AC units. There are different types of air conditioners: window, cassette, tower, cube, and split. Among these, the window type is the most common unit installed in houses. A few others find split types better.

Benefits of Split Systems

Apart from the unit itself inside the house, this type of AC system has a compressor and condenser placed outside. Split systems offer many benefits. You can install multiple units in various rooms set at different temperature each, all connected to just one compressor and condenser.

In addition, split systems are energy efficient. You can turn on a specific unit only in a certain area that needs cooling. Take note that you would have to turn on the units in unoccupied rooms, which is not possible with a ducted air conditioning system. With split types, you can save about 30% of energy.

Manufacturers assess split systems higher than other types. Before you purchase this appliance, it is good to know how much it would cost you from the unit itself to the installation and maintenance. Determining how much you need to spend allows you to budget your finances better.

Basic Unit Pricing

On average, split type air conditioners would cost $2,000 to $5,000 for a single unit in a small house. It would cost $5,000 to $7,000 for a 2,000-square-feet sized house. Larger houses, meanwhile, may reach up to $10,000 or higher for multiple units to cool a majority of the rooms effectively.

Measuring Sizes

Apart from the number of rooms to be installed with individual units, the size of each room is important in determining the cost. Technically, the larger the rooms, the larger unit and power it requires. This means  it would cost you more if you will need bigger air conditioning units.


Costs vary due to the contractors, as well. Less experienced companies would most likely offer lower rates, but they might not be able to install your units properly. What you are paying for is the quality services of the contractors and their skills in installing the units properly.

Multi-split system air conditioners are beneficial in more ways than one. At Conduct Air Conditioning, we offer quality and affordable split type air conditioning systems. Contact us now to get the utmost comfort in your rooms courtesy of these efficient home appliances.