Don’t Let the Heat Mess up Your Summer

Before the heat comes rolling in this summer, you may want to think about replacing your outdated air conditioning unit or having your current one serviced. The new units are very energy efficient and will save you money on your electric bills.

The inverter air conditioner – one of the exciting new air conditioning units

People everywhere are getting excited about the inverter technology that controls the air conditioner’s motor speed so that it both saves power and cools efficiently. Amazingly enough, allowing the motor of the air conditioner to run all the time is more cost efficient than having it turn on and off as the non-inverter type air conditioners do. Getting a motor up to speed on the non-inverter air conditioners wastes energy. Inverter air conditioners save about 30% over non-inverter types.

Other improvements in air conditioning systems

Complaints about the old air conditioning systems have focused on the huge costs of running them, the refrigerants they used that were dangerous for the ozone layer, and their loud noise while running.

New technology in air conditioning has brought about improvements that include:

  • Improved shape of the fan blades on the units that makes them much less noisy
  • Enhanced technology of the unit’s compressor, contributing to less noise also
  • The use of R410A, a chlorine-free refrigerant with no danger to the ozone layer
  • Greatly increased operating effectiveness, which reduces electricity bills.

The split system air conditioning unit is composed of an exterior condenser and an interior evaporator. The refrigerant moves from the evaporator, taking the heat from the house with it, to the condenser outside where the heat is blown away by a fan.

Having your current unit serviced

Most of the manufacturers of air conditioning units recommend that you have your unit serviced annually so that it will be effective and efficient. Some manufacturers even include the need to have annual service of your unit in the warranty.

In the summer heat when your air conditioning unit is working its hardest to cool your home is not the time to have it quit working. Regular service can find and correct problems before they happen.

The very best Sydney air conditioning company

When it comes time for a new unit or for regular servicing, you want the very best. Conduct Airconditioning (Conduct Airconditioning) is the place to go for a new unit or for servicing of your current unit. Their skilled technicians are trained to install and service all major brands and models of air conditioners for both residential and business needs. They serve the entire Sydney area with pride.