High Efficiency Air Conditioner: How to Save on Costs

A high efficiency air conditioner can help you save thousands of dollars on electricity bills in the long run. This is especially the case if the AC is operating night and day. Every minute can translate into savings or costs depending on the unit’s efficiency.

That’s why it’s wise to spend extra time in the selection of an AC unit or system. This way, you’ll get the most benefit while saving money. To help you with that, here are a few ways on how to best save on costs:

1. Pick just the right size

A small and low-capacity AC unit will work harder if it’s put inside a large room. It can consume large amounts of energy and still not effectively cool the room.

It’s recommended you choose an AC unit with just the right size and capacity. You must take note of where you will use it and how many people are there usually in the room. Also consider the ceiling height and shading (e.g. does sunlight hit your room most of the day?).

2. Away from the appliances

Televisions and other appliances generate heat. This can be detected by the AC’s thermostat. The unit will then work harder and use more energy to “neutralise” that heat.

It’s ideal to install the unit a safe distance away from appliances. This way, the air conditioner will not pick up the heat and get into high-power mode.

3. Low fan speed during humid days

Let’s now talk about the AC’s operation. The fan’s operation can contribute a lot to the monthly electricity bill. If it’s always low, expect some cost savings.

During humid days, it’s recommended that the fan speed is set low. This will help in the slowing down of the air which helps in removing moisture. As a result, your AC unit can better cool the air in shorter time and in a more efficient manner.

High efficiency air conditioner Australia

The choice of an AC type and unit can make a huge difference to your monthly electricity bill. You need to pay extra attention to the choice, purchasing (including warranty in parts and labour), installation and daily operation.

Regarding the selection, purchasing and installation, our experienced technicians at Conduct Air Conditioning can assist you with your AC needs. We can assist you in choosing an AC solution which is ideal for your home and environment.

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