The Impact of Air Distribution on Indoor Air Quality

Homes were once a safe haven from the serious health impact of outdoor air pollution. Due to sudden climate changes, however, the quality of the air indoors quickly became poorer than the air outside. Despite several alarming reports, many homeowners are still not fully aware that the level of pollutants found inside a home may cause harm. This is the reason you should not wait until the next morning to learn how to effectively reduce, if not eliminate, indoor air pollution.

The negative impact of poor indoor air quality may not just affect your health, but also your productivity and perception of comfort. If you’re striving to keep the air healthy in your home, it’s important that you know how.
The Excellent Distribution of Air

One key factor that affects indoor air quality is air distribution. If there’s only too little outdoor air inside a home, contaminants may build up that cause comfort and health problems. This is where a high quality air conditioner comes in handy.

Some people may not notice it, but an AC unit can affect air cleanliness. As a matter of fact, it plays a significant role in effectively distributing air ventilation. To ensure proper ventilation, perhaps it’s time to replace your old heating and cooling system. Make sure to choose one that has good filtration and can control dust levels.

The Two Main Approaches
A number of studies reveal that there are two major approaches to improving air distribution. These are the mixed flow and the displacement flow. On a mixed flow, homeowners can use diffusers intended for high induction and faster mixing of supply air. With displacement flow, on the other hand, conditioned air enters and spreads across the floor to produce fresh cool air.

Keep in mind that air pollution is not only an outdoor concern. Protect your family’s health by arming yourself with the right information. At Conduct Air Conditioning, we can help you improve your home’s air quality. We offer a broad range of efficient air conditioning units, from ducted systems to split systems. Get in touch with us today for fast assistance.