What You Should Know About Split System Air Conditioning Sydney

Keeping your home cool during the hot months of the year is an essential part of your family’s comfort. There are numerous cooling options to suit every home and some people only require simple ceiling fans and floor fans to keep cool. When the mercury is rising, though, most people turn to larger systems for cooling. Split system air conditioning is a great cooling solution for any home or office. Some of the best air conditioners on the market are split system air conditioning systems, which is why they’ve grown in popularity over recently.

What Are Split System Air Conditioning Systems

These systems are easily identified by their two main components. A condenser, which resides outside of a home or office building, and one or more indoor units that distribute cool air. These systems are also referred to as ductless air conditioning systems because they don’t require any existing ductwork to effective cool indoor spaces.

Main Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

There are many reasons why these types of systems are appealing, sometimes they’re the only option that make sense and sometimes they’re a customer’s preferred choice. Here are a few of the main benefits of split system installation and usage.

  • Simple Split System Installation: Split system air conditioning doesn’t require any ductwork to operate. This means that is a home or office doesn’t have existing ductwork there’s no need for lengthy construction to install it. Indoor units can be located up to 100 feet away from outdoor condensers, so indoor units can typically be located anywhere that’s convenient. The only construction that’s necessary is a small hole in an exterior wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units.
  • They’re Quiet: Indoor units are incredibly quiet, which is why they can be found in libraries, classrooms, bedrooms and anywhere else noise can be an issue.
  • Heating: While it might not be necessary when it’s already warm out, many of these units also provide heating.
  • Affordable: Not only are their upfront costs and installation costs very low, they also allow rooms and spaces to be cooled only when necessary. By cooling areas only when they’re in use instead of cooling your entire home all the time you can save a bundle on your energy bills.

Overall, split system air conditioning is a great alternative to central air conditioning systems and a much better choice than simple ceiling and floor fans. For more information about air conditioning contact Conduct Air Conditioning in Sydney today: 02 9708 5889.