What You Need to Know About AC Filters

Much like the rest of the modern world, Australians consider air conditioners as a home essential. Given how it’s warm and sunny (with the occasional storm and torrential rains) in the Land Down Under for most of the year, these HVAC units help maintain stable temperature and indoor air quality. They contribute to healthier home living, and it would be a huge miss not to have a professional AC specialist install one in your residence.

To make the most of air conditioning unit, however, it’s important to know how to use it and keep it maintained. You should also know what goes into making the unit installed in your home perform better. To start with, most HVAC have filters that you have to change regularly. As they accumulate dirt and trap harmful bacteria, in time, they become clogged and might need eventual replacement.

Apart from this fact, there are other things you have to know regarding AC filters. Take a look at the following:

There are Different Types of AC Filters

Before you go out and buy just about any AC filter set, you should know which type your unit uses. There are different types available, and while they vary in terms of efficiency and design, each filter has its own advantages. Talk to our AC experts if you wish to learn more about their differences.

Filters Have Different MERV

The minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV indicates the filtering capacity of your AC. This ranges from 1 to 12, with the higher number providing better filtration attributes.  You should also consider, however, the energy costs; units with higher MERV often consume more energy. If you are not too sure what to choose, let your team of AC specialists guide you through the process.

Dimensions Matter

You do not want to buy a high-quality set of filters only to find out that they do not fit into your AC unit at all. Make sure to have the dimensions before you look for air filters. Our AC installers will help you figure out all you need to know about your unit, including the filters.

When it comes to quality AC unit systems, you can rely on us to deliver just what you need. We install only the top air conditioning systems and carry some of the most trusted brands. To learn more about services, get in touch with us now.