Reducing AC Energy Consumption

Rising temperatures can make your days at home sweaty and uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can rely on trusty air conditioning units to make things more bearable.Keeping cool at home during heat waves, however, often equates to high electric bills. Keep these essential hacks to keep their energy efficiency up and you room temperature and electric bills down.

Maintaining Your Unit

Air conditioning units need to be kept in optimal working conditions so they do not work extra hard and consume much energy in the process. Air conditioning units with dirty air filters need to work harder to keep the same level of room temperature. Make certain to clean or replace them regularly.

Leaving the Thermostat

Most people have a false notion that increasing temperature settings can help cool a room faster. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, the only thing it makes faster is the reading on your electric meter. Leaving the thermostat alone can help increase savings.

Keeping Curtains Shut

While you may not necessarily think this makes that much of a difference, the simple act of keeping curtains shut to keep the sun out does help keep room temperatures low. Doing so helps relieve the strain on air conditioners because it keeps heat rays from entering your home.

Increasing Ventilation

Fans are a great appliance that can help air conditioning units to circulate cold air, especially ceiling fans. By increasing ventilation, AC units do not have to carry the burden of having to cool rooms on their own, thus increasing efficiency and savings.

Reducing Humidity

Turning on your dehumidifier can mean a world of difference. It makes you feel more comfortable and reduces the need for you to leave your air conditioner on for extended periods of time.

Keeping cool at home need not be a costly proposition. Keep these hacks in mind so you will be able to stay cool and relax in the confines of your home without having to spend a fortune on energy bills. If you are in need of a quality air conditioning system, look no further than Conduct Air Conditioning. Enquire online for more details.