Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners: The Ultimate In Home Temperature Control

Your home is your sanctuary, and every sanctuary needs to be kept at the most pleasant temperature possible. Whether you prefer cozy and warm in the winter for curling up with a good book and some tea, or a frosty cold in the summer to beat the outside heat with an ice cold popsicle, few options provide you with the satisfaction and control of a fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. Only a ducted system can provide you with the simplest, most affordable “Ahhh…” experience possible.

What Is a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners work by moving heat from one point to another. This fairly simple process works by maneuvering the warm air from your home through a liquid coolant, which absorbs the heat itself. The air is then pushed back into your home as a pleasant, refreshing breeze. The coolant, now hot from the warm air, evaporates and moves to a compressor that converts it into a high temperature, high pressure gas. This gas is then forced through a heat exchanger outside the home which cools the gas into a liquid again, readying it to absorb heat once more. This process can be used both ways, to either heat or cool air, thus “reverse cycle”.

Is The Luxury Worth the Cost?

This is a question you’ll have to answer for yourself, but simply: yes. Few air conditioning options are as thorough, controllable, and comprehensive as ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. When you want to raise the temperature of your balmy bedroom for a good night’s sleep with the touch of a button, choose a ducted system. These air conditioners do often cost more to run than your smaller units, but energy can be saved by keeping your windows closed and shaded during use, or starting the warming/cooling process early in the day before the house is too warm/cold. If you’re uncertain as to the cost and viability of a reverse cycle air conditioner unit for your home, feel free to call our service line (02 9708 5889) any time during business hours and discuss the options with our friendly, helpful staff.

Don’t Just Sign Up For Our Product, Choose Our Service

At Conduct Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves in providing not only the highest quality, direct from the manufacturer products, but on our top quality installation and air conditioning service as well. Our priority is providing you with the best air conditioning service possible, so we’ll gladly fix it even if it isn’t our product! If you’re looking for a company that provides comprehensive service plans and the best air conditioners around, then give us a call or check out our specials to see how we can save you money and time.