Smarter Temperature Control with Envelope Homes

Trying to beat the heat in the home is a constant battle. It’s not always beating the hot weather, but also trying to find better ways to heat and cool a home that can be restrictive. Costs can be high for constant energy usage, but some people have turned to envelope homes as their solution.

What Is an Envelope House?

First introduced in America in the 1970s, it’s a home within a home. It’s a house that has an extra layer of between the outside and inside, an envelope that keeps the thermal efficiency high and the heating and cooling of the house regulated. The homes that are built in this envelope fashion use the concepts in physics to create barriers and effective air flow throughout the home. Here are some of the best features of these homes.

Thermal Conductors

In just about every modern home, there are thermal conductors in the house. These are simple or innocuous parts of the home that help bring transfer heat from outside the home to the inside. Common thermal conductors are poorly insulated roofs and walls, allowing heat to pass through quite easily.

Envelope homes use no thermal conductors or “bridges” so that heat cannot easily pass though from outside to in. This includes everything from triple-glazed windows to not even using metal door knobs. A simple door knob can transfer the heat from the outdoors to the inside by way of conduction.

Passive Air Flow

The main feature of an envelope home is the passive air flow in the shell. This air flow keeps the lighter, less buoyant cooler air lower to the ground while hotter air rises and escapes in purposefully built vents. This passive air flow also helps heat to not transfer in and out of the room.

Glazed Windows

Glazed windows are double or triple-paned windows that have air in between the glass. It helps the heat to dissipate before transferring to the home. It allows the minute gaps in the window to remain sealed to the outside. It’s just one of the clever ways that envelope homes regulate temperature without the need for costly power usage.

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