How Split Air Conditioners Work

Split air conditioners are a cut above the rest because you don’t have to drill a hole in the wall, unlike for a window type. Moreover, it’s quicker and easier to install. It doesn’t need a duct system, an essential requirement for centralised units. You don’t have to sacrifice big amount of space in the house.

General Parts and Components

Many people decide to have split air conditioners installed because they vaguely know how it works. As what its name suggests, it’s split into two components: indoor and outdoor. The indoor section consists of the evaporator and the fan, whilst the outdoor has the compressor that initiates the cooling process. A set of electrical wires connects these two components and a tube transports the air between them.

How the Air Cooling Process Goes

A thermostat inside the indoor component detects the room temperature. Once it reaches a particular heat level, it activates the outdoor compressor. It then circulates a refrigerant gas to increase pressure and temperature. The refrigerant gas then transfers through the pipes to the condenser.

Inside the condenser, a cooling system would remove the heat off of the gas and change its phase to chilled liquid. It then makes its way through the tubes again, out of the condenser, and into the evaporator system. The evaporator fan in the indoor component, then collects the warm room air and passes it the container of the refrigerant. The system blows the cool air out to lower room temperature.

This process goes on until the system senses that the air inside the room reaches the desired temperature. The warm room air sucked by the indoor system then goes through a tube and out in the other component. This cycle goes on in the fastest time possible, giving you comfort in a short time.

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