Unfreezing a Frozen Air Conditioning Unit: Finding the Cause of the Problem

Frozen air conditioning units are a very rare sight, and they aren’t any cause for celebration. While it may be impressive seeing your AC unit freeze up apparently due to how cold it is, the reality is quite the opposite.

When the unit starts freezing, you’ll actually notice that the air pumping out is a lot warmer. If your air conditioning unit becomes a literal igloo and starts forming icicles even in hot summer weathers, then this is a sign that something’s wrong with it on the inside.

Leaky Coolants
Freon is a cooling agent that, as we discussed previously, keeps your entire AC unit cool. It’s an integral part of the entire unit, as its main purpose is to collect the heat in your home and move it outside, making sure the air it’s pumping out is always cold.

Over time, regular wear and tear inside the AC unit can cause leaks to form. When the Freon leaks, it causes a drop in temperature inside, freezing the moisture and causes frost and ice buildup. Since the air is already freezing internally, the unit has a difficult time pumping out cold air.

Warmer and low quality air aren’t the only things that freezing may cause. Since the buildup forms within the evaporator coil, it also contributes to the wearing and eventually breaking down of the unit’s internal parts, which can mean more costly repairs in the future.

Blocked Air Ducts
Dust, dirt and any debris that can impede the flow of air within the unit’s air ducts may also be the reason your air conditioning system is frozen. Since there’s a blockage in the air flow, the cold air can’t escape properly, which eventually results in ice buildup within the evaporator coil.

Aside from dirt, it may be worth checking if there are any passages and that are too small or have already collapsed due to wear and tear. Make sure to clean the air filters regularly as well as this contributes to how much dirt and debris the unit accumulates internally.

While we encourage you to find out the reason your AC unit is freezing, we recommend getting help from the professionals in the case of a more serious ice buildup. At Conduct Air Conditioning, we’ll defrost your air conditioning unit and make it good as new.