What’s the Best Temperature for the Office AC?

Several studies have revealed that the air quality in the workplace greatly affects the productivity of the employees. After all, it is easier to focus on work when the room is neither too hot nor too cold.  There are still times, however, that workers don’t feel comfortable in their office, even if their AC is set at a standard temperature.

Standardised Thermal Comfort Level

The indoor temperature of office buildings all over the world is fixed at 22 degrees, plus or minus half a degree; and it has been that way since the 1950s. It turns out that this standard office temperature is based on a thermal comfort level of a 44-year-old man in America during the ‘50s, according to a study from Savills Australia. It was also set to 22 degrees, without first having considered the varying climates in different areas. This could be a problem for tropical countries, as well as for the hottest states in Australia.

19 to 25-Degree Temperature Range

Apart from making the employees more comfortable, maintaining the right temperature setting of the air-conditioning system in the office will also help the company in its efforts to save resources. The Savills Australia study suggests that offices observe a setting of no higher than 19 degrees in winter and no lower than 25 degrees in summer. By shifting to this 19 to 25-degree temperature range, Australian businesses could save thousands of dollars every year. This will contribute to saving the environment, too, as air-conditioning systems that are properly set are more efficient and consume less energy; thus, leaving a  smaller carbon footprint.

By correctly setting the temperature of your commercial air conditioning system in Sydney office, for instance, you can prevent your employees from getting sick and too stressed. More importantly, they will feel comfortable enough to focus on their tasks every day. In turn, the office productivity will be higher, generating more leads or sales for your business.

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