What’s That Noise? Diagnosing Common Air Conditioning Problems

The noise your air conditioning unit makes is a good indicator that there may be something wrong with its inner workings. You shouldn’t ignore it, whether it’s just subtle clanging or its revving up like a motorcycle.

Common air conditioning problems range from faulty fans to blocked air filters, and it can be difficult to tell which one your unit is experiencing until it breaks down. You can, however, diagnose what kind of problem your unit is experiencing if you listen carefully.

Humming and Rattling
An air conditioning unit hums ‘naturally’ due to the vibrations of the fan reverberating throughout its insides. But, there’s a difference between a light hum and a harsh hum, with the latter often being accompanied by a distinct rattling sound. If you hear this, then it’s either the fan is dirty or it’s loose.

A dirty fan is rather easy to address as all it needs is some cleaning to get it humming right again. Loose fans have more technical problems, and you may need to tighten the screws to prevent them from hitting the side of the unit. A bent fan may cause the same problem, but you can simply bend it back into shape with the right tools.

Grinding Motors and Coil Fins
If the air conditioning unit is producing a very noticeable and often harsh grinding sound, then its motors may be low in lubricant. Most units have unsealed motors, and you can prevent it from overworking and overheating if you oil the motor when the temperature starts rising.

The coil finds, like the unit’s fans, are also susceptible to getting dirty. If they get clogged, they may produce a grinding and rattling sound. This is actually easier to clean as you can simply use a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment to get rid of the dirt. The coils, however, can also bend, and if this is the source of the noise, it’s better if you get professional help, as it’s possible to damage the coils or snap it off entirely if you apply too much force.

While we do encourage you to clean and repair your air conditioning unit on your own, there are some problems that even dedication and elbow grease can’t fix. For those kinds of issues, you need to get help from the professionals. Call Conduct Air Conditioning today for comprehensive maintenance and repair service for your air conditioning systems.