Will Air Conditioning Cost Less in the Future?

Cost is one of the main reasons that many households choose to do without air conditioning. That can make for a pretty miserable summer if you spend a large part of it at home indoors. There’s good news on the horizon though. Researchers at the Palo Alto Research Centre in the United States of America have created a brand new cooling technology that could reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 50 percent. The technology is being prepared for marketing in the US sometime in the next year.

Air Con in Australia

There are many Australian homes that use some type of cooling system – stand alone or portable units, split system, ducted air or reverse air cycle air conditioners being just some options. Almost half the homes use reverse cycle air conditioning, with another 13 percent using evaporative coolers and 10 percent using refrigerated air conditioning. About one fourth of Australian homes don’t have any type of air conditioning at all. With energy prices as they are, all of these homes would enjoy a reduction in cost because it would make it more affordable to enjoy a cooled and comfortable home during the hot months of the summer.

New technology will save you money

Not only would this new technology save homeowners in Australia money on their bills, but it would also save energy and costs for the country as a whole. This is great news for the economy, but also the environment. A great many of the pounds of carbon dioxide released into the air come as a result of home air conditioning units, many of which are older and less efficient than new models. The new technology presented by the Palo Alto Research Centre would help keep some of this out of the air, thereby offering a greener choice to Australia. Some estimates indicate that the prototype could cut down on the carbon dioxide in the air by as much as half.

Air con is better for your health

While the average summertime temps in Sydney hover just under 35 degrees, they have been known to soar much higher. When that happens, you want to stay cool for your own comfort, but also for your health. Extended amounts of time in extreme temperatures puts you at risk of dehydration and other health concerns. This new technology could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

When you want to save yourself some money and do good for the Australian air, this new technology is all set to take the world by storm. You’ll definitely want to be in on the ground floor when it gets up and running. In the meantime, contact us to learn more about the best air conditioning Sydney can currently enjoy.