Blacktown Air Conditioner

Looking for a new air conditioning unit? Did your air conditioner suddenly stopped working? Call us here at Conduct Air Conditioning (02 9708 5889) because we provide professional and affordable air conditioning services to Blacktown and all throughout Sydney.

For homes and businesses we provide cost-effective solutions for reliable air conditioning. We source directly from the best brands such as Daikin, Panasonic and Samsung so you can be sure you’re only getting the best products.

New unit plus free installation

We have high-quality split systems that cost from $1,300 to $2,500 (+GST) with free installation. Our units have varying capacities and specifications. We can recommend a unit that best suits your purpose and application.

Different rooms and offices often have different dimensions, features, purposes and requirements. Here at Conduct Air Conditioning, we provide solutions that result to both upfront and long-term cost savings.

Our affordable packages are made possible due to the following:

  • Strong relationships with reputable brands and manufacturers
  • Professional and efficient installation
  • Commitment to excellence and providing the best value to customers


That’s why individuals, couples and established families in Blacktown continuously rely on us for all their air conditioning requirements.

Excellent features of our split systems

Aside from energy efficiency (use of reverse cycle & inverter technologies), our split type air conditioners also have the following features:

  • Quiet mode (lower decibels to better catch a good night sleep)
  • Smart power saving (unit switches into energy-saving mode if there’s minimal movement in the room)
  • WiFi connectivity (easily adjust the unit’s settings through a smartphone or tablet)
  • Autoclean function (some of our units have this feature which prevents bacterial growth in the heat exchanger)


One or several of these several features might be important to certain customers. You can contact us today if you have specific preferences & requirements for your home or business.

Do you also install ducted systems?

Ducted systems allow uniform temperature control in all areas of the home. The units can distribute warm or cool air in each room through the ducts. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’re sure to experience comfortable air throughout the year.

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning we provide and install ducted systems with affordable packages ranging from $4,500 to $8,300 (+GST). We have specific packages for single-storey homes and larger houses.

What happens to the unit if you relocate?

For split systems, we can advise you of the best way to disconnect your system. We can then set a convenient schedule so we can reinstall your unit free of charge (new piping and fittings at no extra costs).

Ducted systems may increase your property’s value because the home’s ductwork is already in place. We can advise you of the appropriate measures to take regarding this.

Prompt air conditioner repairs in Blacktown

Does your unit randomly turns on and off? Does the noise bother you? Do you suspect that the unit is far from being efficient? Do you notice leaks and drips around your unit?

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning, our licensed technicians will quickly troubleshoot the issue so you can again enjoy the comfortable air as soon as possible. We inspect for refrigerant leaks, faulty connections and malfunctioning compressors. We then use the best tools and replacement parts to make the problem a thing of the past.

Perhaps it’s just a dirty filter or a major issue such as a failing compressor. Whichever is the case we figure out the cause and do the repairs as efficiently as we can.

We can also service your air conditioner if it requires maintenance (e.g. cleaning of air filters). We also check for potential issues upon your request. It’s especially the case when winter or summer comes. You want your air conditioning unit to run perfectly anytime you need it.

Commercial air conditioner services

Business offices, shops, restaurants, cafes and other commercial facilities should have a reliable air conditioning system especially when the number of customers is at its peak. Customer experience is largely affected by the comfort they experience while at the premises. Also, the comfort inside a workplace affects the staff’s focus and productivity.

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning we install air conditioning units in new and established businesses. We understand their strict requirements especially when it comes to reliability and performance.

Our licensed technicians perform all the installations and repairs necessary. Through the years many businesses in Blacktown and all of Sydney contact us for their air conditioning requirements. We arrive promptly and get the job done as efficiently as we could.

How to choose the best unit?

How to get the most value? It starts with choosing the right unit which depends on:

  • Is the room big or small? (also consider ceiling height)
  • Does the room receives direct sunlight all day?
  • Are there many occupants or users in the room?
  • Does the room or office have the right insulation?


There are other factors to consider. You can enquire us and find out which is the best unit for your home or office. For instance, a unit with lower capacity being used in a large room will result to higher energy costs and possibly not enough cooling.

Why choose Conduct Air Conditioning

Our Blacktown air conditioners are of high-quality while still being offered at the best price. Our supplies directly come from the manufacturers so we can pass the savings to our consumers.

Aside from quality products, we also provide excellent technical services to both Blacktown homes and businesses. We perform optimal installations and proper repairs of split system air conditioners. Our complete installation service allows our customers to enjoy a cool air (or warmth) as soon as possible with minimal hassles.

Contact us today here at Conduct Air Conditioning if you require a professional, reliable and prompt service at the best price. Through the years we’ve been servicing Blacktown and Sydney with the customer’s air conditioning requirements. You can call us at 02 9708 5889 and enquire us about our Special Offers, Fixed Quotes, Free Installation and other services.

Bankstown Air Conditioner Contractors

Whether it’s a new air conditioner installation or a prompt repair, call us here at Conduct Air Conditioning (02 9708 5889) for a professional and affordable service.

For over 30 years we’ve been handling residential and commercial air conditioning requirements. We’re able to provide affordable pricing because we source directly from the most reputable manufacturers.

Our major brands

Fujitsu, Samsung, Daikin, ActronAir, Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric are some of the solid brands we have. Our split system air conditioners are high-quality and energy-efficient. You get a lot of value and benefits both upfront and in the long term.

Our expert air conditioning technicians are experienced in working on different brands and models of air conditioners. Through the years they’ve handled hundreds of jobs for different businesses and homes in Bankstown and Sydney in general.

What are your options when buying a new unit?

If you’re buying a new air conditioner (or planning to have a cooling and heating system in your home or property), should you choose a split or ducted air conditioning system?

Split systems offer more flexibility because technicians can install the units in selected rooms. You can add a unit later on anytime. On the other hand, ducted systems require a larger commitment (more expensive upfront).

You can contact us today so you’ll know which is the better option for you. We’ll analyse your requirements and compare the possible long-term savings for each one.

Does your air conditioner suddenly stopped working?

Perhaps it’s a problem about the electrical or compressor. Whichever is the case our experienced technicians here at Conduct Air Conditioning will find the root cause and fix everything.

We also solve other air conditioning issues such as:

  • Dripping or leaking unit
  • AC unit is louder than usual (makes it harder to fall asleep at night)
  • Unit doesn’t cool or heat at all
  • The air conditioner seems to be not working at full power (not enough cooling)
  • Unit turns on and off randomly


It could be the refrigerant is leaking or your current power system can’t handle the electrical burden. It’s also possible the refrigerant is leaking or the filter has a dust and dirt build-up.

There are many other causes for air conditioners to fail. Expertise is required to determine the root cause and take the appropriate measures. That’s why here at Conduct Air Conditioning, our experienced technicians always use the best tools and perform advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Should you replace your old unit?

If it was undergoing frequent repairs lately, the best action is to replace your old air conditioner. Aside from saving on costs and enduring the hassle, a new air conditioner is likely to be more efficient (especially if your old unit is 20 years or older).

Air conditioner repair costs range from $80 to $140 per hour (+GST) which depend on where you live and the job’s difficulty. Also consider the replacement parts required if you want your unit to be working perfectly anytime of the day.

What if you relocate?

A new unit is still a significant commitment (could be $1,300 to $2,500 +GST). What if you’re planning to relocate due to career and lifestyle changes?

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning we can advise you of the best way to disconnect your system. Then we’ll set a schedule on when our technicians will reinstall your split type unit (at no extra costs including free new piping & fittings).

On the other hand, a ducted system may help increase the value of your house. You can left the system intact or we’ll also advise you of the best thing to do in case you relocate.

Affordable units & air conditioner services

Aside from our expertise, we also offer affordable units and services to all Bankstown residents and businesses. Our units are directly sourced from the manufacturers. We pass on the savings to you.

In case of air conditioning maintenance and repairs, our licensed technicians work promptly and efficiently to minimise downtime. This way you get to enjoy a cool comfortable air (or warmth) for the times you need it the most.

To maximise your savings, we also recommend the best unit appropriate for your home or business. Rooms and offices often have different dimensions and requirements. We can advise you of which air conditioner to buy so you’ll enjoy long-term energy savings and minimise our impact to the environment.

Why choose Conduct Air Conditioning?

For over 30 years, families and businesses rely on us for their air conditioning requirements. Whether it’s a new unit installation or a timely repair and maintenance, we’re always ready to answer calls and enquiries.

In addition, we also stand out because of the following:

  • Fixed quotes and no call out fee
  • Complete installation (enjoy comfortable air as soon as possible)
  • Excellent customer service before, during and after the job
  • Timely response to all enquiries (within 1 hour during business hours)

Individuals, couples and families require a reliable air conditioning system for their home living. Aside from a comfortable temperature, a reliable system also promotes better sleep.

For businesses, air conditioners can improve focus and productivity among employees. It can also encourage more customers to stay and support your business because they feel comfortable in your premises.

That’s why here at Conduct Air Conditioning, we aim to provide the most reliable and energy-efficient air conditioners to both homes and commercial facilities. In case of repairs, our licensed technicians arrive promptly and quickly troubleshoot the unit.

Excellent air conditioning goes beyond being a luxury now. It’s now a normal part of our lives which means it needs to be working perfectly 24/7 just like water and electricity. Here at Conduct Air Conditioning, we’re making that happen for over three decades.

Call us today at 02 9708 5889 and we’ll do new air conditioner installations, repairs and maintenance with a focus on quality, excellence and professionalism. We service homes, apartment buildings, business offices, restaurants, cafes, shops and other commercial facilities all over Sydney.