Actron Air Conditioners

Peace, Quiet, and Efficiency

A properly working air conditioner is great, but even better is one that works like a dream and saves money. Actron Air ducted air conditioner models are practical units that have a lot of bells and whistles.

Performance Benefits of Actron Ducted Air Conditioners

This system for heating and cooling has high performance and capacity, even at extreme temperatures. They’re powerful models that can reach their maximum capacity almost instantly, as compared with the five or ten minutes that models with standard inverters take.

Precise Control with Lots of Features

Zoning gives ultimate control over heating and cooling in a home. Any residence or building can be broken up into different zones, whether this is by room or by areas, and can be adjusted independently of each other.

Air conditioners from Actron Air can also be controlled through smartphones or laptops, which makes adjusting settings, even far from home, incredibly convenient. For instance, if someone forgot to turn the heat down before leaving on a long trip, now they can adjust the thermostat from their car on the way to the airport.

Performance Specifically Geared for the Australian Climate

Actron ducted air conditioners are made for Australian weather. This means they’re optimised to work best in the unique conditions found here. Even if the outside air reaches temps of -10 or 50 degrees Celsius, it won’t make a difference.

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