Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners


Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning

Conduct Air Conditioning is a leader in providing quality heating and cooling solutions in Sydney. We offer Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems to residential and commercial clients in the area. These units are ideal for efficient and precise climate control throughout the year. They also allow zoning, a process that lets you heat or cool selected areas for reduced energy consumption. We can install a model that suits your property’s size and cooling requirements.

The Ultimate in Comfort and Design

Fujitsu is one of the favourite air conditioner brands in Australia. Its ducted systems feature a compact design that makes them versatile and easy to install. You can hide them to keep your property visually appealing. Fujitsu models are also easy to use and offer quiet operation.

Hot or Cold

Ducted air conditioners will keep you cool during summer and warm during the cold months. By reversing the cycle, the systems absorb heat from the outside and transfer it to the indoor environment. This makes them an ideal comfort solution even in extreme weather conditions.

The Installation Process

Our expert technicians will install your ducted AC in a quick yet careful manner. We will inspect the property before we start the installation process. This allows us to identify the right location for the system and plan the ductwork.

Control the temperature of multiple rooms and create heating or cooling zones with just one single system. Fujitsu air conditioners provide comfort with a design that is both space-saving and hidden. It’s a perfect solution for homes, offices, and other areas, large or small.

Benefits of Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Quiet and Efficient

This brand of air conditioners provides quiet yet efficient cooling and heating. This means people in the building won’t hear distracting noises coming from the unit when they want to work or study. It also means that the unit will work in the background without infringing on whatever needs to be front and center.

Simple Controls

The controls for Fujitsu air conditioners are located on a convenient controller or touchscreen controller. These are easy to understand and make programming the unit a breeze.

Tucked Away and Hidden

Fujitsu ducted air conditioners are small, efficient, and tucked away out of sight. The slim design means they can fit anywhere.

Zone Control

The units feature zone control, which means that zones in a home or office can be specified and controlled separately. This means a bedroom can be cooler for a comfortable sleeping environment, but a living room can be toasty warm so everyone is comfortable. Temperature for a whole house no longer has to be one-size-fits-all.

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