LG Ducted Air Conditioners

Fighting over the temperature control is just one issue families might deal with in their homes. Somebody might want the temperature set at a cooler setting, while others might prefer a warmer atmosphere. Some like sleeping in cooler rooms at night, while others prefer to be toasty warm. With an LG ducted air conditioner, however, solve these problems and more with innovative technology.

Ways LG Ducted Air Conditioners Can Make Life Easier

LG has products with technology that cater to family living or heating and cooling a building like an office. There are a few examples of features that make it possible.

Operate Multiple Rooms, Simultaneously

LG air conditioners can both heat and cool multiple rooms at the same time.

Choose Who Controls with Group Control and Child Lock Features

Group control is a feature that lets several different products be linked together and controlled with one single unit or device. Meanwhile, the child lock feature doesn’t let little ones play with the control panel and mess up the settings.

Programme Heating or Cooling Settings on a Weekly Basis

LG products can be programmed for an entire week. This means the system will operate on a timer and will not need to be manually adjusted. No one will have to worry about turning up or turning down the temperature at different times of day.

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