Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners



Exclusions: Upgrading of switchboard if required and zones. Click here for brochure with more information.


Replacing a worn-out central air conditioning unit/air conditioner as well as an old furnace is a great idea for both money-saving and space-saving reasons, plus more. All of the benefits of making the change are totally possible with a Samsung ducted air conditioner from Conduct Air Conditioning.

The Benefits of a Samsung Ducted Air Conditioner

Sized correctly, the right air conditioner will efficiently cool a home using the reverse cycle system, not to mention heat it, too.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

These units are efficient to run because they require less electricity for operation. Plus, since they do not rely on a typical combustion operation, they are much more eco-friendly, as they don’t release gas or pollution as a by-product of heating.

Space Saving

This type of heating/cooling system takes up far less room than furnaces or central air conditioning units. They are compact and can be located anywhere within a home, which means storage spaces and basements can be opened up for other uses.

Safer to Operate

A Samsung ducted air conditioners is safer to operate because it does not require a flame to work. Hot surfaces, embers, and hearths will not be a problem for children and pets with these systems.

Air Filtering

Samsung air conditioners feature an air filter that will help get rid of dust or allergens that may be floating in the air and hurting a home’s air quality. This is especially good news for those with allergies, asthma, or similar issues.

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