Annandale Air Conditioner

Annandale residents are connected to the city through the bustling Parramatta Road. Because of its proximity to the Sydney CBD (just 5 kilometres west of the City) and its architectural nature, Annandale is truly one of the great places to live in.

With an amazing view of the Rozelle Bay and the presence of heritage-listed structures such as the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, Goodman’s Buildings, North’s Factory and the Abbey, it’s easy to see the rich history of this suburb. Today, Annandale continues to be rich not just because of the material affluence, but also because of the festival, sports and music activities in the area (especially in Annandale Hotel and Trafalgar Studios).

A modern air conditioner for your Annandale home or business

However, it’s hard to get the most out of modern living if you’re not comfortable at home. Most of us still spend up to 90 per cent of our time indoors, which is why comfort at our homes is really important especially after the long meetings and hard day’s work.

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning, we specialise in making sure that air conditioners are working perfectly as they should. Whether it’s new installation, replacement, maintenance, repair or servicing, our qualified and insured air conditioning technicians always deliver excellent results.

We have the latest knowledge on the air conditioners under the most reputable brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Samsung. We always have stocks of quality parts for these units so we can quickly repair a malfunctioning air conditioner. When it comes to installations, we ensure reliability and energy performance so that your room or workplace will achieve the comfortable temperature range.

Air conditioner maintenance and servicing Annandale

Regular servicing and maintenance is important in maximising the lifetime of your air conditioner and ensuring its energy performance as well. Whether it’s just routine maintenance or filter replacement, our air conditioning technicians can do it promptly. This way, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round.

The temperature range in Annandale is 9 to 26℃ but it can get unusually cooler or hotter especially inside buildings. During those days it gets hard to fall asleep or focus on something important, which is why the air conditioner you have (whether split or a ducted system) should be reliable 24/7 and all throughout the year no matter the weather outside.

Whether you want to replace your old air conditioner or you want a new AC for your bedroom, entire home or workplace, Conduct Air Conditioning is the one to call. Contact us today and enquire us about our package deals, discounted rates and comprehensive warranties.

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