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The large number of restaurants, cafes, bars and food stores makes Darlinghurst ideal for office workers, artists and hipsters. Just walk along the Oxford Street and you’ll also see families and retirees coming from various cultures who explore the different colourful specialty stores and establishments.

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The energetic and vibrant feel is what separates Darlinghurst from most other Sydney suburbs. The constant activity and the diversity add a high level of variety and energy whether you’re along Oxford Street or the Darlinghurst Road.

But when we’re inside our home, apartment or town house, we often slow down and keep things stable. This is only possible if our air conditioners are highly reliable. That’s why we only provide and install the best brands and our technicians ensure optimum performance of each unit by carefully studying the clients’ requirements and the site. This way, our customers can guarantee that their air conditioners will perform well through the years (even at daily use and against the harsh climate).

We source directly from top manufacturers such as Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Samsung. There’s no middle man and we pass on the savings to you. This way of direct sourcing also guarantees our air conditioners’ performance and reliability. Our air conditioning technicians have also gained expertise in working on these major brands of air conditioners. They strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only use the best tools during each installation.

Our units have modern features (e.g. reverse cycle technology) to quickly achieve the desired temperature. Aside from that, our modern air conditioners also have advanced features such as quiet mode to turn down the noise. This can help improve sleep and our relaxation. The consistently comfortable temperature can also help managers and employees focus on their work. In addition, many customers will find the experience staying at your business more positive because of the consistent comfort provided by your air conditioner.

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Different residential and commercial sites have different cooling or heating requirements because of the sites’ varying dimensions, place usage, prevailing temperatures and other factors. Our team often goes against randomly selecting an air conditioner for a specific site.

For instance, the system might consume more energy than it’s required to cool or heat the room. Or, achieving the desired comfort levels might be impossible because the unit’s heating or cooling capacity is not enough.

What we do here is our technical team studies the clients’ requirements. If you contact us today, we can then provide an excellent recommendation specific for your site. This way, you can achieve the desired comfort levels while ensuring the optimal energy performance of the air conditioner.

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