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With King Street as the centre of commercial and entertainment activity plus several heritage listings such as the St Stephen’s Anglican Church, the Women’s College building, Newtown Tram Depot, Newtown Mission Uniting Church and the Trocadero, some people often wonder how it became possible to have all that in one suburb (commercial plus heritage).

Newtown also feels busy and delightful many times a year because of the Newtown Festival, Feastability, Under the Blue Moon Festival and The Sydney Fringe. And aside from being known as the place that values the past and present, moving forward is also the atmosphere here at Newtown. The University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education makes that possible with its short courses open to the public. Many adults now take advantage of this because it’s now easy to learn more about marketing, information technology, horticulture and gardening, project management, logistics and other important fields.

Newtown air conditioner

However, learning more and moving ahead is just difficult if the basics were not first taken care of. It’s especially the case in air conditioning because uncomfortable temperature levels make it difficult to focus, become productive and relax when needed.

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning we supply and install reliable and high-performance air conditioners. Whether it’s for your home, learning centre or workplace, it’s important that the air conditioner will run reliably and efficiently.

Rest assured that we only source from the most reputable manufacturers (ActronAir, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric). Our air conditioning technicians strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions and the latest requirements when dealing with the entire installation and the parts including the condenser coil, expansion coil, compressor, refrigerant tubing, condensate drain and suction tubing.

Air conditioning technicians Newtown

AC installation requires technical expertise because after all, you’ll be using the unit each day and for the most part of the day. It’s also important that the AC is installed properly to ensure perfect functioning and energy performance.

Our experienced technicians have already encountered a wide variety of scenarios and worked on over a dozen different brands and AC models. We’ve already encountered tricky scenarios and we’re able to navigate through each one successfully.

Whether it’s a ducted system or a split type air conditioner, we have the necessary tools and skills to get the job done properly and cost efficiently. Whether it’s installation, servicing or repair, our goal has always been on performance and longevity. We want our customers to get the highest ROI out of their air conditioners both through the upfront pricing and long-term everyday operation.

Contact us here today at Conduct Air Conditioning and let’s discuss your requirements whether for your home or workplace. With a reliable and efficient air conditioner, you can better focus on relaxing or moving ahead.

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