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With commercial areas in the Oxford Street, Paddington Markets, William Street, Five Ways and back streets (including Albion, Cascade, Flinders, Sutherland and Underwood Streets), accessibility and variety defines Paddington. It’s also a good place to build a career or business because of the strong commercial foundations of the area.

But Paddington is more than just a commercial area because of the presence of heritage-listed sites such as the Juniper Hall, Engehurst and Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. The UNSW Art & Design plus the recreation centres (e.g. Paddington Lawn Bowls Club, The Palms Tennis Centre) and private art galleries (e.g. Blender Gallery and Martin Browne Contemporary) make Paddington an interesting mix of arts, activity and modernity.

Paddington air conditioner

However, crucial to making all those things happen is the guarantee on physical comfort. It’s especially the case after a long day of work or recreation. We have to feel comfortable at home and fall asleep easily so that we can prepare for the next day. This is possible if we have a comfortable temperature at home.

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning, we supply, install and service air conditioners (split types and ducted systems). Our focus is always on reliability, energy efficiency and longevity. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable in the strongest air conditioner brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung and Panasonic.

Whether it’s for a business or residence, our air conditioning technicians understand the complexity of requirements of each place. It’s especially the case in workplaces, shops and restaurants wherein the energy and air conditioning requirements are much higher or more complex.

Air conditioner technicians Paddington

Aside from home comfort and living, a reliable air conditioner is also crucial to workplace productivity and commercial activity. After all, it’s hard to focus if it’s uncomfortably hot or cold. Most customers might leave if the place feels uncomfortable.

Our technical team can properly choose and install the right air conditioner for your place. Different capacities are available and we have to pick the right unit so that the place will have a comfortable temperature while making the best use of each kWh consumed.

Aside from installation, our team also performs servicing and maintenance on air conditioning systems. This is important in ensuring the energy performance and longevity of the air conditioner. This way the air conditioner will work reliably day in and day out and will enable you to focus on much more important things such as your career, family or business.

Contact us today if you require a reliable air conditioner solution for your home, apartment, workplace or commercial premise. Our team here at Conduct Air Conditioning has the required tools, supplies and expertise to ensure a comfortable temperature in your residence or business.

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