Parramatta Air Conditioner

Whether you live in a one-bedroom basic accommodation or a large home or apartment, the air conditioner can make or break your stay.

Good news is Conduct Air Conditioning provides and installs reliable air conditioners coming from the major brands such as ActronAir, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Samsung. Over 30 years in the business, Conduct Air Conditioning is committed to delivering affordable prices and 100% total customer satisfaction.

Parramatta air conditioner

Here at Parramatta you have almost everything you want or need. It’s a young (but with a rich history) and active population. But it’s only possible if everyone’s comfortable whether at home, workplace, cafe, restaurant or at the retail store.

That’s why Conduct Air Conditioning provides affordable residential and commercial air conditioners that are guaranteed to work all year round. These will maintain comfortable temperature levels so people can properly rest at home, focus at work or enjoy their stay at a restaurant.

Starting from our split systems (price starts at $1350 +GST) for your bedroom you can ensure and maintain comfortable temperature whether it’s bedtime or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our qualified and experienced technicians will do the installation and ensure the unit’s performance and reliability.

Ducted systems for uniform temperature

Aside from split systems, we also set up full Ducted Systems complete with retrofitting for larger homes. We strategically and economically set up the whole thing to ensure uniform temperature levels in all rooms of the house. This will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s the perfect air conditioning solution all year round.

We offer special package deals for Ducted Systems (also from the major brands). We source directly from the manufacturers (no middle man) and pass on the savings to you. For over 30 years this has been our commitment to deliver excellent and affordable services to all.

Energy savings every month

Are you planning to buy a new air conditioner for your new dwelling? Or are you planning to replace your old unit?

It’s crucial to make the right choice at the very beginning if you want maximum energy savings. Here at Conduct Air Conditioning we provide and install highly energy-efficient units for every home and workplace. With inverter and reverse cycle technologies, say goodbye to energy loss and finally welcome high performance with your air conditioner.

We can also assist you in selecting an air conditioner with the right features and capacity. Phone us today at 02 9708 5889 if you’re looking for an affordable, energy-efficient and reliable air conditioner for your home or business.

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you. Call 02 9708 5889 Now or Enquire Online for a response within 1 business hour.