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With Sydney’s most historic pubs (e.g. 3 Weeds, The Bald Rock Hotel, The Welcome Hotel, Red Lion Hotel, The Sackville) and with Iron Cove, Rozelle Bay, White Bay and Johnstons Bay nearby, Rozelle has been a great home for its 8,000+ people. Add to that being just a few kilometres west from the Sydney central business district. Life can be convenient and comfortable here for most of the day.

Air conditioner Rozelle

But there’s nothing comfortable in enduring an unusually hot sunny day. It’s common to experience this level of uncomfortable heat in urban and busy areas. Although we’re always busy at work and we can always go outside to take a breath of fresh air anytime we want, a huge fraction of our time is still spent inside our residences.

It’s important to have a reliable, energy-efficient and long-lasting air conditioner for this. Here at Conduct Air Conditioning we supply, install and service air conditioners (both split and ducted systems). Whether it’s for your home or the workplace, reliability and performance are always our priorities.

Rest assured that the AC will perform well and last long because we only source from the most reputable brands such as ActronAir, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. Our technicians strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure perfect functioning of the newly installed system.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re looking to replace your old AC, we can give you practical and personalised advice so you can make the best choice. After all we have to consider the size of the room and your general requirements before picking an air conditioning system. This way you’ll get the most value out of your money and you’re certain that the AC will help achieve the desired temperature.

For 30+ years this has been our commitment and we’ve witnessed how the clients’ requirements have evolved through the years. After all, extreme temperature levels now are being recorded and air conditioners are now running almost all day and all night long. It’s important to have long-lasting and reasonably priced solutions and that’s what our team provides.

Contact us here at Conduct Air Conditioning and ask us about our special packages and comprehensive warranties. We can also assist you in making the right choice for your home or workplace.

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you. Call 02 9708 5889 Now or Enquire Online for a response within 1 business hour.