St Marys Air Conditioner

Yes it’s fun to stay outdoors and walk along the Queen Street. It even gets more interesting as we explore the St Marys Village Shopping Centre and its various specialty stores.

However, most of our time we still spend indoors especially when outdoor temperatures reach as high as 29℃ (not to mention the discomforting high humidity levels). It’s important that we stay comfortable inside our homes or rooms so we can enjoy, relax and stay productive each day.

Looking for a St Marys air conditioner?

After work or when bedtime’s approaching, we have a habit of turning on the air conditioner and wait for the room to cool down. We want it to happen immediately especially after a long exhausting day at work.

Here at Conduct Air Conditioning, our modern units are fast to act because of their reverse cycle technologies. We source directly from the most known brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Samsung. Aside from ensuring affordability (no middle man), this direct sourcing approach also helps ensure quality and high performance.

You can even relax better because our air conditioners are highly efficient. These are perfectly built for the harsh Australian climate. Whether it’s too hot or too cold outside, our units perform well despite heavy use.

In addition, our technical team will assist you with the proper selection of air conditioner. Your place might have very specific requirements and each site has a different layout, dimension, usage and orientation to the sun. Our team will consider the uniqueness of the site and your requirements so we can only recommend the most appropriate unit for you.

Split type or ducted system?

You can also ask us directly which system is right for your home. Our expertise includes accurate assessment of long-term costs and performance of each installation. Together, we can come up with the most cost-efficient solution for your residence or commercial premise.

Our air conditioning technicians have already installed, repaired and serviced air conditioners under the major brands. We strictly follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions and use our expertise to ensure perfect functioning of the air conditioning system.

Air conditioners have varying heating or cooling capacities. Our technical team can assist you with the proper selection. This way, you can have the right air conditioner that gives optimum energy performance. This will also prevent you from choosing the air conditioner that’s more expensive and above your requirements.

Replacing your old unit?

In many cases it’s more cost-effective to just get a new air conditioner than spending more on the repairs of the old unit. If your current air conditioner has been frequently breaking down these past several months, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Also, modern units are now more energy-efficient because of their better design. Engineers have made the heating or cooling process more efficient to minimise energy consumption. This then reduces your energy bills and the environmental impact for the long term.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you just want to replace your old unit, Conduct Air Conditioning can provide you with technical information and assistance regarding your selection. Our air conditioning technicians take care of complete installations, repairs and maintenance as well. Contact us today and you can ask us about our labour and parts warranty, discount packages and current special offers.

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you. Call 02 9708 5889 Now or Enquire Online for a response within 1 business hour.