Surry Hills Air Conditioner

Surry Hills Air Conditioner

Surry Hills provides a whole package when it comes to community living, lifestyle, convenience and accessibility. Just walk along the Crown Street and surrounds and immediately we’ll figure out why we’ve chosen this place.

Many Surry Hills residents and business owners also choose Conduct Air Conditioning. We also offer a whole package when it comes to air conditioner installation, repair, servicing and maintenance. For over 30 years, we’ve been committed to community living and providing the best to our customers.

High-performance Surry Hills air conditioner

The village feel is what separates Surry Hills from all other Sydney suburbs. Every second we spend outdoors we can feel that unique and safe feeling.

On the other hand, what separates Conduct Air Conditioning is our commitment to performance, excellence and long-term customer relationships. We’re not just after the first sale. We’re thinking more about building a long-term relationship. It’s our family and village approach in doing things.

As part of our commitment, our air conditioning technicians treat each residence or commercial premise as their own. They’re very careful when touching anything in the property. They also work neatly and professionally so the results will be clean and excellent.

Whether it’s the installation of a split or ducted system, we take a careful approach in doing things. It’s as if we’re working in our own homes. We’re very careful not to make any mess during the job.

Major brands available

We only provide and install the best brands. This way, our customers will gain peace of mind that their air conditioners will perform well through the years (with minimal energy consumption).

To ensure affordability and quality, we source directly from top manufacturers such as Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Samsung. There’s no middle man and we pass on the savings to you. Our air conditioning technicians have also gained expertise in working on these major brands of air conditioners.

Temperature levels in Surry Hills can reach as high as 26℃ (and it can get a bit hotter as we enter our homes or rooms). This high temperature level can affect our sleep and productivity levels.

Aside from quickly attaining the ideal temperature, our modern air conditioners also have advanced features such as quiet mode to turn down the noise. This way, we get an uninterrupted sleep at home. In the workplace, this also helps in raising our productivity and focus levels.

Contact us today

Different sites have different cooling or heating requirements because of the varying site’s dimension, layout, orientation to the sun, place usage and prevailing temperatures. Sure, you can randomly select an air conditioner from our range anytime.

However, the system might be consuming more energy than it’s required to cool or heat the room. Or, it might become impossible to achieve the desired comfort levels because of the wrong selection of air conditioner.

Contact us today and our technical staff can study your requirements. We can then provide an excellent recommendation compatible with your site. This way, you can achieve the desired comfort levels while getting the most out each kWh the air conditioner uses.

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you. Call 02 9708 5889 Now or Enquire Online for a response within 1 business hour.