ACTRON Inverter Split Systems

ActronAir Reverse Cycle Inverter “Australia’s Favorite Air”

The perfect combination of stylish good looks and efficient performance. These systems are designed to keep you comfortable all year round. Reverse cycle operation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.





A split system installation that is sleekly designed, has high performance and high efficiency, and lots of options for use is the Actron line of inverter split systems.

Controls for Every Preference

Actron inverter split systems have plenty of options for controls. Their “Serene” model has airflow controls that give the person with the remote the power to direct the air from left to right or up and down, as well as “swing mode” to get the room cooler faster. Finally, the unit will remember the last setting, so a preferred mode will always be ready.

This model also offers the option of a handheld remote control for operation, or a wall-mounted wired controller for those who want a more stable, stationery controller they can’t lose between the couch cushions.

New Technology for Better Performance

Some models of Actron inverter split systems use DC versus AC technology. DC equates to “direct current,” which has improved efficiency levels over AC technology and offers quieter operation as well as the best performance.

Ease of Use for Daily Living

Actron models are simple to install, easy to care for (with a design that allows for quick removal of the dust filter), and easy to access for maintenance and repairs (to access the inside of the unit, it doesn’t have to be removed from the wall.)

All of this adds up to an incredibly flexible and friendly unit that is easy to operate and customize.

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