Daikin Inverter Split Systems

The most energy efficient Daikin Split System ever! Enjoy the comfort of the new L-Series with the highest energy efficiency rating ever achieved by Daikin.





Daikins range of split system air conditioners is sure to impress with its bevy of features and new technology, not to mention energy efficiency, which is the highest ever achieved by the company. These models have all the bells and whistles.

Daikin Split Air Conditioning and Heating with Inverters

Daikin has advanced inverter technology that keeps rooms at optimal temperatures while using less energy. In addition, these models quickly heat or cool a room in no time flat, and then maintains that temperature with little fuss.

Power-Saving Features

Daikins split system technology has other power-saving features, too, such as the standby power function, which works to shut off the outside unit while leaving the indoor unit on standby when the unit is not needed.

Some models even have something called a 2-area intelligent eyethat works as an infrared sensor. When people are in the room, the unit will direct air flow away from them to prevent cold drafts. When no one is in the room, the unit will switch to its energy-efficient operation.

Quiet Modes

Both indoor and outdoor units in most Daikin inverter split systems have the power to reduce the operating noise by a few decibels when quiet time is needed. In these instances, the unit will run on a quieter fan speed.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Some models even have the capability to connect to a Wi-Fi network so users can control their split air conditioning units with their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This makes it incredibly simple to change settings on the move.

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