Fujitsu Inverter Split System



A Fujitsu inverter split system from Conduct Air Conditioning offers many benefits, and is ideal for all types of residential and commercial properties.

Fujitsu is popular for its range of compact and stylish air conditioner models. The manufacturer now focuses on producing wall mounted inverter split systems that are stylish, more efficient and easy to install and use. These units operate quietly and perform well in terms of creating an ideal home or office temperature. The compact design allows the units to blend with the existing interior decor. This makes them an ideal choice for modern home and building owners.

Quick and Easy Operation

The Fujitsu split AC uses modern technology to reach and maintain the desired climate in small rooms. Adjusting the temperature is easy with its automatic control feature. You can get the level of comfort you want by just pressing a button. New models have motion sensors that monitor human activity and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Why a FUJITSU Split System Installation is a Smart Decision

A Fujitsu split system air conditioner is a smart buy for many reasons. Just one is the fact that they’re energy efficient; some models have an energy rating as high as five.

Fujitsu models additionally have a human sensor feature, which detects when people are occupying a room based on their movements. The unit then adjusts temperature control and efficiency based on this measurement. When people leave a room and the air conditioner is still on, if it doesn’t detect movement for a certain amount of time, it will automatically switch to an energy-saving mode.

Split system air conditioning from Fujitsu is a modern choice, as new models have focused on a sleeker design that will blend in well with modern home décor. These models are also compact and small, so they are far less noticeable than older counterparts.

However, the smaller size doesn’t mean they skimp on efficiency; if anything, newer models of split system installations are more energy efficient than ever, making them an affordable option that’s also easy to install.

Clean and Safe Air

We’re proud to say that our products, particularly the Fujitsu air conditioners are efficient and health friendly. They remove dust particles and allergens from the air, thus, producing a safe environment for your family.

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