Intelligence and Economy

For those who want technology to work for them to help lower their energy consumption as well as their energy bills, they might want to try Panasonic inverter split systems. Panasonic has something called ECONAVI technology that is perhaps the most intelligent way to monitor usage without having to lift a finger.

An Eco-Friendly, Energy-Saving Split System

ECONAVI technology uses “Intelligent Sensors” to monitor a room in order to best heat or cool it. It accomplishes this through two different sensors that measure human activity as well as sunlight.

  • Absence detection checks the room in question for people. If the room is empty, the unit can switch modes to avoid staying in high operation to cool an empty room.
  • Sunlight detection similarly checks a room for sunlight intensity, and then adjusts the unit’s operation accordingly. With less sunlight, the unit can operate at a higher temperature to reduce wasted energy used up with a split air conditioner.
  • Area search lets the unit search to see which areas of a room are occupied, and then sends air only to those areas.
  • Activity detection checks for movement in the room and adjusts the cooling level of the split air conditioner to accommodate. If people are in the room but not moving, cooling can decrease. If there’s a lot of movement, cooling can increase.

With a split system from Panasonic, energy usage is kept at its optimal level through technology. This makes Panasonic inverter split systems some of the most advanced models out there.

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