Samsung Inverter Split Systems




The ease of a split system air conditioner meets the compact, all-in-one convenience of a reverse cycle heating and cooling system with Samsung inverter split systems.

These systems offer heating and cooling for single or multiple rooms, all of which can be individually controlled for comfort. Samsung models in particular have features and controls that make cooling and heating a home or building easy and worry-free.

Reverse Cycle Split System Features

Employ different modes to suit the time of day or scenario and the right temperature to match. Turbo mode, for instance, quickly cools down or heats up a room by operating the unit at maximum speed.

  • Fan mode circulates air without heating or cooling, which keeps things fresh while using less energy.
  • Quiet mode lets the unit run at a softer level, so the operating noise won’t disturb anyone who needs the extra quiet time.
  • There’s even a sleep mode, which adjusts the air flow and temperature to an optimal setting just for getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Some models even have an auto clean function, which runs automatically to prevent the growth of bacteria on the indoor unit’s heat exchanger.
  • Auto mode selects the right operating settings based on the selected temperature, whether that means heating up a room or cooling it down.

Finally, Samsung split system air conditioners have a modern, sleek, and compact design that will look stylish mounted on the wall, yet won’t be too obtrusive or distracting.

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