3 Tips to Reduce Air Conditioner Power Costs

Australian summers are hot, and they only seem to be getting hotter. Luckily, air conditioner technology is racing ahead just as quickly as the mercury, putting a range of not only extremely effective but also energy-efficient products on the market so that when it feels like the Sahara desert outside, it’s cool and comfortable inside.

But running the best air conditioners on the market also comes at a cost – and we’re not just talking about the expense of buying and fitting a split system or reverse cycle air conditioner unit. It’s the ongoing running costs that can really hurt your pocket, with some research showing air conditioning accounts for anywhere from 20% up to a staggering 70% of your quarterly power bills.

So if you’re looking to reduce not only the sweat on your brow but the size of your bill, here are 3 Tips to Reduce Air Conditioner Power Costs that could save you hundreds every summer while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the best air conditioners out there

1. Do you need it that cold?

So your unit is capable of making the inside of your home feel like an igloo and you enjoy wearing jeans and long sleeves on a 40 degree day – but that’s not very energy smart. All the best air conditioners have temperature ranges for a reason, so if getting the heat of your home down just a few degrees compared to what it is outside makes you comfortable for your shorts and T-shirt, that will cost you significantly less money. And if it’s only 29 degrees outside and it’s the middle of the day on a weekend, do you need your air conditioner on at all?

2. Use the thermostat

That’s right – it’s there for a reason. It’s astonishing that, while thermostat technology on the best air conditioners has raced ahead and can keep a room at a reasonable temperature very efficiently whilst keeping your unit at a consistent, low power setting, many people don’t use their air conditioners in that way at all. They leave their air conditioner off until a room is unbearably hot, and then simply turn it on “full” at the coldest setting – until the room is freezing and they just turn the whole unit off again. It may work for you, but you’ll see the results on your power bill too.

3. Give your air conditioner a friend

The best air conditioners are awesome, but they can also be expensive to run. So have you thought about putting a couple of strategically-located ceiling fans in the main rooms of your home as well? They are cheap to buy and super-cheap to run, but can bring the temperature of the room down several degrees. So on a warm night on which you ordinarily would have the air conditioner blasting away, a ceiling fan just above your bed may mean you don’t have to turn your expensive unit on at all.

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