Why air conditioning is a need not a luxury

If you live in milder climes, a portable air conditioning unit is probably enough to cope with the heat of the summer months. If, however, you live in a climate that is warm all year round, a fitted, permanent air conditioning system is essential. For full system air conditioning, Sydney residents can choose between split system, reverse air cycle, ducted or inverter air systems. Here are why we consider air conditioning isa need not a luxury

 It keeps spaces cool

Whether it is home or office, it is difficult to stay cool in hot weather. Sydney heat can be oppressive and can make you listless and tired. With the cooler air conditioned environment, you not only feel more comfortable but also more productive and active.

It makes spaces warmer

Ok, so you can’t remember the last time in snowed in Sydney, but that doesn’t mean there are some days when you really wish you had a good central heating system. With air conditioning it’s easy to flip the switch and it will pump out hot air rather than cold. This means air conditioning is an investment that pays back all year.

It’s better for your health

Did you know that indoor air pollution is one of the biggest risks to your health? There are millions of contaminants in the air you breathe at home from dust to bacteria to chemicals to pet dander. All of these impact your respiratory function and can lead to medical and health issues. Air conditioning units don’t just cool the air. The units contain a filter which can trap pollution, dust, smoke and other icky particles. The cleaner air is of benefit to all, but especially allergy sufferers, the infirm and the elderly.

It’s good for your home/workplace

It isn’t just because it filters and provides cleaner air that ac is beneficial. Most air conditioning installations feature a dehumidifying function which removes moisture from the air, making it dryer. Removing excess damp adds to the human health benefits but it is also good for the house or workplace. With a dryer atmosphere there is a reduced risk of build-up of mildew and mould – both of which can damage the building’s integrity as well as encouraging dust mites and mould spores in the air. Additionally, with dehumidified air, there is a lesser risk of condensation which can lead to rotting window frames and wall mould.

Investing in air conditioning created a fresher, dryer and more comfortable space at home and work. Call us for ducted air conditioning prices and expert advice.