The Most Common Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is regarded as one of the biggest threats to health. It can lead to a variety of health complications so it pays to take measures to protect your home from the problem. One of the best ways to do this is to educate yourself as to what causes indoor air pollution so that you can create a plan for counteracting it and keeping your home clean and safe. Here are the most common things you might be battling.

  1. Poor Ventilation

Your home needs to be properly ventilated to remove indoor air pollution and expel it back outdoors. The best air conditioners will do this job for you. Good ventilation gets rid of bad air and lets in the good air, helping reduce the risk of asthma, lung cancer and infections.

  1. Household Chemicals

The items you use to clean your home have the potential to pollute your home with chemicals that can cause breathing and health problems. That includes bleach, air fresheners and much more.

  1. Smoke

Any kind of smoke is going to pollute your home in a big way, which increases the risk of lung cancer and breathing problems. This includes smoke from cigarettes, your fireplace and cooking.

  1. Biological Contaminants

This includes things like mould, mildew, dust and bacteria. Continually breathing in these contaminants is dangerous to health and can exacerbate headaches, asthma and allergies.

  1. Carbon Monoxide

Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause death and it’s very important to control it in your home. It’s probably the most dangerous form of indoor pollution you’ll encounter. Carbon monoxide can come from your gas stove, your boiler/furnace and car exhaust from your attached garage.

Like there are many things that cause indoor air pollution, you also have several options for removing it from your home so that you can breathe easy. That includes changing the air filter in your boiler/furnace and air conditioner regularly. Having an air conditioner installed in your home is another effective way to control your indoor air quality. The filter in the unit helps to trap and block many kinds to contaminants and debris from getting into your home where you can breathe them in. Other steps you can take include vacuuming often, having a regular air conditioning service and installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. These steps should keep your inside air clean.